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Show Villa is complete. (December 2013)
Completed Villa B02.
Completed Villas B5, B10, B12, B13, and B14. Under construction Villas B1 and B2.
Villas B13, B14, B10, B7, and B2 under construction as well as access road for second line of the development.
Villas B13, B14, B10, A1, and A3 under construction. (5 July 2014)

Show Villa is 90% completed. (9 October 2013)

Construction of the first villa is well underway. (2 September 2013)

Commencing construction on first villa. (1 August 2013)
Retaining walls being completed. (28 June 2013)
Drainage and sewer systems being created. (17 June 2013)
Clearing of land and removing rocks.
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